She Builds a Vineyard captures the life of a woman.  She aims to reach for the best… for herself, her family, and the Kingdom of
God.  She sets out to do her work vigorously.  In order to succeed, she must be conscience of her divine space of existence in the
world.  As she rediscovers herself as God desires her to be, she understands she must
first take care of her own well-being and
maintain her balance…mind, body, soul, and spirit.
Inspired from the book,
She Builds a Vineyard
Dr. Willie Mae
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A Mentoring Program for all Women. One may be single, married, divorced, separated, or widowed,... with and
without children.   As mentors, we share our gifts of encouragement to assist each other while aiming for the best in who
we are and who we are to become. We share our story, joy, pain and life learning lessons.  

We are housewives, entrepreneurs, at home moms, business owners, and hard working women. We are women who
build and plant on good soil to produce a harvest to better ourselves, our children, and our community.  All the reason, we
seek to implement self-care.