Certified Professional Life Coach

A Compassionate Heart
A Gifted Listener
If one is seeking to
get unstuck and to move forward in life, Dr. Hawkins has
the skills to assist. As a partner with her clients, she
individuals to achieve their life goals!
 Her dedication to
her clients is exceptional!  

Dr. Hawkins has worked as a hospital chaplain providing pastoral care
and counseling.  She served as a Qualified Mental Health Professional
and Therapist providing counseling services to women and children.  
Her skills included utilizing DSM-4 as a reference guide to assess and
evaluate each client's social, psychological, and medical needs. Her
expertise includes those who have been diagnosed with Depression
and Anxiety among women; and ADHD and Oppositional Behavior
among children.  

Today, as a certified life coach and consultant, Dr. Hawkins
assist those who desire to move beyond present situation
to achieve personal, parental, professional and spiritual

She offers life coaching sessions, one-on-one or in groups, for
individuals and families. She understands that
life journey is a
and often time we need the assistance of others.

If a client's need is beyond coaching, Dr. Hawkins can guide one to a
wealth of resources that will continue to enhance one's goals.
Dr. Willie Mae Hawkins
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Some of the Benefits clients will receive ....

  • Joy and Peace
  • Obtain a balance life
  • Achieve self-care
  • Reduce your stress
  • Staying focus to achieve your goals and dreams
  • Embrace your Singleness and Love It!!
  • Receive the joy of a healthy parent-child relationship
  • Reduce family conflict and stress
  • Obtain renewed parenting skills
  • Publishing and Marketing your Book
  • Staying focus to achieve your goals and dreams
  • Obtain a plan or program to reach goals: personal,
    educational, professional and/or parental
  • Receive support for your spiritual growth
  • Feel better about your faith walk with God as a single
    mom or dad
  • Maintain spiritual connection between Parent and Child
  • Learn to develop your business and ministry
  • Assist with your call-in-ministry
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