Dr. Willie Mae Hawkins
Inspirational Speaker - Consultant - Coach - Author
TV Host
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Dr. Willie Mae Hawkins -TV Show
Inspirational Messages
Channel RTN 22, Raleigh, NC
Wednesday nights, 9:30pm
Uplifts ministry for single parent families, Women-in-Ministry, and
Kingdom Builders

The Vineyard
Channel RTN 10, Raleigh, NC
Thursday 6:30pm  and Saturday 9pm
RTN10, TimeWarner 97.4, Universe AT&T 99(PEDG)

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Come and be on the show. You can talk about ministry or a
non-religious community organization/business (or both).
We focus on you as a person with such great gift to help
. We ask questions like, What inspired you? How did
you get started? Your challenges? What do you suggest for
others who desire to get in the field?, etc...
(see other questions
and guidelines)

I believe you have the right to share your gift to bring hope for
others in the world!!

Each year we invite guests to participate on the show for the
upcoming year.  Several slots become available on first come
first serve basis.  If studio production time is not possible for
you, we can schedule during that week at your home,
business/organization site or another location. Further
information are given for off-site production. Please join our
mailing list for production time and upcoming shows.

We look forward to meeting our participants and working with
them. Our way of sharing with and to others in the community
is being made possible by Community Ministries, Inc.- a
501(c)3 non-profit organization.  There are
no fees to be on
the show. However,
donations and sponsorship are
encouraged to
help defray the cost of producing the show.
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